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Cross Force (Spectravision)




Ah, Spectravision we meet again… You confuse me Spectravision, you have published so many unique and enjoyable games, while at the same time publishing absurd crap that also winds up being unique in its own way, I simply cannot find it in myself to dislike you. I think I’ll look at another one of Spectravision’s unique titles today, how about Cross Force? Yeah I think that’ll do nicely. Imagine Demon Attack, except you fire from the top and bottom of the screen, your two cannons move in the reverse of each other and the shots meet in the middle. It’s a very interesting take on the usual shooter style game so often seen on the 2600. I’m going to forgo looking at both the sounds and the graphics since there is almost zero of each present in this game, seriously, this game makes such a small impact on both a visual and auditory level that I won’t even bother looking at, or listening to, them. Gameplay is all that matters in a game like this, and I have to admit that I find myself struggling to like it. I’m already not a very big fan of Demon Attack, which Cross Force seems to take a large amount of inspiration from, so I already have a slight bias towards this game, and I can’t help but feel that it lacks strategy since I just sit in the corner shooting rapidly and occasionally avoiding enemy fire. Suffice to say, I can understand why people would like this game, but I just simply don’t it doesn’t gel with me. This is not a cheap game, I’m seeing loose copies on Ebay for up to 15 dollars, and boxed copies up to 30 dollars, that seems a bit steep if you ask me, I know the game is currently an R5 on the AA rarity scale but I’ve got R5’s for much cheaper, but then again it seems that Spectravision is one of the more often scalped publishers. I would recommend you get the Taiwan Cooper variation since it’s cheaper than even a loose copy, there is one listed for 14$, that’s what I did, and as tradition would dictate I know have to transcribe the blurb on the back for all of you to enjoy.


A galaxy-war-game in a new variation. Laser-beams at

Your disposal. Screen 1 press button to hit meteorites.

Screen 2 will appear two stare animals, use naval boat,

Shoot death ray to catch star animals in 15 seconds.

When mother ship is warning Bi! Bi!, come back to mother

Ship soon, if not, will be hitted by meteorites. When

5pcs red energy exhaust, the game is over.


Scoring: hit meteorite can get 10 points.

Catch two star animals get 1,000 points,

If catch only one animal, no points.


Game 1 2: one player, game 2 can’t attack star animals.

3 4 5 6: two players

3 6: use B joystick to control mother ship

A joystick to control naval boat.

4 5: use A joystick to control mother ship,

B joystick to control naval boat.


The navy of the sky… How wonderful.


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