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Frank and snow (part 3)

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I designed a new screen for the first screen of level 2, since it is snowing where Frank the Fruit Fly is, the mountains. But I had a problem with something. The screen went all weird on the right hand side. It kept giving me 2 very short lines. I tried everything. I tried redesigning the mountain. No. I tried moving the clouds around. No. Then I just got rid of the clouds. That seemed to work. But why? Who knows? I really wanted those clouds in there, but oh well.

Next on the list of stuff I wanted to do was to make the snowflake hurtful. That proved easier. So was making the snowflake disappear and having a new one come on when Frank went to a new screen. And now what's next? I am going to compose and program in a different song for level 2.

I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get a dumb blood test. It will hurt. At least I can convince the nurses to get the blood from my hands instead of my arm because I have no veins in my arm. I have a little scar and infrequent pain from a botched blood test from my arm. About once every few months, my arm will start hurting and then stop. I'd say that is the reason my hands are cold, but you can see the veins in my hands. So I don't know. At least I get burgers after that.

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