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Little progress on GOOMW



I spent all day on Get Out of My way, a brawler game.

Believe me: programming is HARD.


In the second screen, you need to fight bad guys in the RIGHT order, or the game will allow to go to next room before defeat all of them. I guess because in the first screen, you fight bad guys in the order.

Somehow, the game uses the same pattern.

Sorry for extra status on the screen. I need them to check where the problems come from.

That's all for today. Or tonight.

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Way better than what I could do. I tried Colecovision programming but I couldn't do it. Perhaps learning C and doing some GameBoy or learning INTYBasic and doing something for Intellivision would be less aggravating.

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I use C to write this game. If I have problems, I'd go to the forum.


Some people are happy to help me.


Assembler is not my thing.

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