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Little progress on GOOMW



I spent all day on Get Out of My way, a brawler game.
Believe me: programming is HARD.
[attachment=634465:bandicam 2019-05-01 21-19-04-701.png]
In the second screen, you need to fight bad guys in the RIGHT order, or the game will allow to go to next room before defeat all of them. I guess because in the first screen, you fight bad guys in the order. 
Somehow,  the game uses the same pattern.
Sorry for extra status on the screen. I need them to check where the problems come from.
That's all for today. Or tonight.


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Way better than what I could do. I tried Colecovision programming but I couldn't do it. Perhaps learning C and doing some GameBoy or learning INTYBasic and doing something for Intellivision would be less aggravating.

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I use C to write this game. If I have problems, I'd go to the forum.


Some people are happy to help me.


Assembler is not my thing.

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