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Feeding My Atari #6: Many, Many Homebrew Games For The 2600 VCS And 7800 ProSystem

I received a massive package from Atari Age yesterday containing every game making up the 6 orders that had not shipped earlier. I also received a package from a seller on eBay containing a Homebrew that I've never seen for sale at Atari Age, Good Deal Games, or Packrat Video Games.
Here is a breakdown of every game that I've received over the past few days.
[b]Atari 2600/Homebrews[/b]
[color=rgb(0,0,0)][font=verdana]2005 Mutigame Multicart[/font][/color][list]
[*]Marble Jumper
[*]Rocket Command
BerZerk: Voice Enhanced Version
Draconian (Boxed)  [i]Box being shipped [/i][i]separately[/i]
Elevators Amiss
Go Fish!
Juno First
Lady Bug  [i]I meant to order the Boxed Edition, but it slipped my mind when ordering[/i]
Phantom II / Pirate
Warring Worms: The Worms (Re)Turns
[b]Atari 2600/Custom Reproductions[/b]
Gas Hog
River Patrol
[b]Atari 7800/Homebrews[/b]
Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest (POKEY)
Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre  [i]via eBay[/i]
So far I've played Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre, Go Fish!, River Patrol, and Draconian, in that order. Go Fish! was hard for me to stop playing. It's just so addictive, but I finally moved on to River Patrol. This is a game that I've already enjoyed playing via emulation. An original cartridge is just too pricey for me. I played several games of it, but as it turned out my first game was my best. So I'll submit that score to [url="http://highscore.com/"]http://highscore.com[/url] to be voted on. Draconian is really good too. 
Here is a complete list of every Homebrew, Prototype Reproduction, etc. that I own (as of now) for the various Atari Gaming Platforms. All game titles followed by an Asterix (not the French comic character, but the * character) are currently not in the [url="http://highscore.com/"]http://highscore.com[/url] database, but I have submitted requests for them, unless that game has no scoring component, in which case why bother? All game titles which are followed by a Plus Sign (+) have had my requests processed (within' the past 24-hours) and so are in the [url="http://highscore.com/"]http://highscore.com[/url] database now. Most games are in the database. All games were purchased at Atari Age unless otherwise noted.
[b]Atari 2600/Homebrews[/b] 
2005 Mutigame Multicart[list]
[*]Marble Jumper
[*]Rocket Command +
[*]Zirconium +
Alfred Challenge
Alien Attack (Good Deal Games) +
Alien Revenge! (Good Deal Games) +
Allia Quest
Astronomer (Boxed; Packrat Video Games)
Berzerk: Voice Enhanced
Blinky Goes Up (Boxed)
The Byte Before Christmas (Multicart; Boxed)[list]
[*]Bell Hopper
[*]Christmas Adventure
[*]Naughty List
[*]Santa's Scabs +
Colony 7
Conquest of Mars
Crazy Brix
Elevators Amiss
Explosive Diarrhea (Packrat Video Games)
FailSafe ++  [i]was already in the system, but my requests for A/b and b/A Difficulty Settings have been added[/i]
Galactopus *
Go Fish! *
Juno First 
Lady Bug
Mappy (Boxed) *
Mental Kombat
Phantom II / Pirate
Pinata (Multicart; Discontinued)  [i]aka Piñata in the database. Why or how this happened is still a mystery.[/i][list]
[*]Fix-It Felix Sr.
[*]Heart Break *
[*]Ping *
Power Off! (Boxed)
Rainbow Invaders
Space Game (Boxed) *
Stay Frosty 2
Stella's Stocking (Multicart)[list]
[*]Cold War
[*]Elf Dash
[*]Grandma's Revenge
[*]Stay Frosty
[*]Tossing Cookies
Super Cobra Arcade (Boxed) *
This Planet Sucks!
Thrust+ Platinum Edition
Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns
[b]Atari 2600/Custom Reproductions[/b] 
Demolition Herby
Gas Hog
River Patrol
[b]Atari 2600/Prototype Reproductions[/b] 
Alligator People *
Pleiades (Boxed)
Turbo (Boxed)
[b]Atari 2600/Demos[/b]
Amiga Boing! Demo 2.0
[b]Atari 5200[/b]  [i]OK, so I don't own a 5200 SuperSystem. I really wanted this game in my collection though, so here it is.[/i]
Beef Drop
[b]Atari 7800 ProSystem/Homebrews[/b] 
Asteroids Deluxe
Astro Blaster
Beef Drop VE
Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest (Boxed; POKEY)
Crazy Otto
Frenzy (Boxed)
Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre +
Meteor Shower (Blue label)
Meteor Shower (Red label)
Jr. Pac-Man
[b]Atari Jaguar/Jaguar CD[/b]  [i]OK, so I don't as yet own the CD-ROM drive. I DO own a Jaguar though.[/i]
Treasure Island Dizzy (Boxed; Clear Shell option)
Jagware Collection 1.0 (Case)
Kobayashi Maru: Final (Case)
[b]Atari Lynx[/b] 
Tournament Cyberball
Zaku (Boxed; Super Fighter Team; Discontinued)
I have a policy of only submitting game requests at [url="http://highscore.com/"]http://highscore.com[/url] once I actually own the game.
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