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A new Channel F

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...Well, new to me anyway. I finally got fed up with my semi-functioning one that I bought one off of eBay. I've always wanted to play the version of Tic-Tac-Toe. I don't know the problem of the Channel F I have now, but the buttons are screwed up and I can only do games 3 & 4. Or perhaps that is what it is only on Cart #1. See, it's so screwed up I can't figure out what its problem is. So if the one I bought comes and works properly, I'll be very happy. I took the Channel F apart and tried to see what was wrong with it but I couldn't figure it out. So I'm wondering if it is recycling-worthy.

I like my golf game and am wanting a snazzy label for it because I feel it deserves one. I need hole ideas for holes 6-9 and then I can call it finished. I tried to redesign the guy but the golf ball got misplaced so I couldn't. Apparently it always needs to be at the lower left hand corner of the other sprite for it to work for reasons I don't know. I also want to release the lettuce game, but it's not finished yet. e5frog is apparently still working on it.

What I also did is I got a Neo Geo Pocket Color. I spent most of the time playing Bust-A-Move. I got to level 20 before I quit. I am wondering if there is a way to always have the preview line on all the time so I don't miss shots and misplace my ball. That would be nice. I played Sonic a little bit. Luckily the cart got to level 4 so I was able to play some of the previous levels the other guy beat. They are hard. I could not beat Dr. Robotnik in the Casino zone. And it's odd that I always start with 0 lives. Why?

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