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Dragonfly in the game

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Been working on lots of stuff. First I worked on Golf for the channel f. e5frog alerted me to a few problems he was having. I made it so hitting the ball into a tree costs you a penalty stroke. I have also been working on Frank the Fruit Fly, getting the dragonfly to appear in the game.


Pokemon Mini sprites can be a maximum size of 16x16 pixels. Since the two dragonfly sprites when put together were 32x17, I had to do more code to make sure it wouldn't bounce up and down. I had to put the second sprite up one pixel for it to fit in the allotted space in the sprite table. This was the hardest part. It took a few attempts and a day or so, but I finally got it working correctly.


The problem I think was that the dragonfly is following you and if he was one pixel above you then he would naturally try to meet you there, thus causing the sprite to waver. So a solution was to make it so if he's one pixel above you to not follow you. It took me 3 hours to find out what the problem was. Fixing it was the easy part. I changed the password screen again. Haven't had any problems with it, though the intro screen to level 2 acted weird once. I think it's the emulator that's causing all this weird stuff. Granted I haven't tested it with the Ditto mini very often, but it has been flawless when I did.


I wonder how many lines of code a retail Pokemon Mini game has. I wonder because I'm at 6,099 and I'm about 1/4 done with it. I was planning on 8 levels. If I ever get done with level 2, level 3 will be a desert level. I just need a few more screens to finish level 2. It's been about a year since I started this project. ftff1.zip is dated July 4, 2018.

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