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Strange error.



I worked on my colecovision game when I get this message:




I'm not really sure 'Evelyn the modified dog' means but I guess my one of my game turned into a monster.


I'm not sure 'Conditional flow changed by optimizer' either. 


I will work on m game if this message keeps showing. If it the case, I might ask for help.



Alright. It's late. I'm going to sleep.


See you another day. Bye.


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I got the phrase "said Evelyn the modified dog" when I got an error when working on my Game Boy game. I asked, and it was a Frank Zappa reference. I guess we are using the same compiler.

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I usually get that when I use = sign instead of == in if comparison statement.


if (a=0){} will get that error


if(a==0){} is the desired statement.

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