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Snow in August

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So I finally got the snow in Quest of the Cranberry problem sorted out. It was because I didn't know that rows #125-6 are used to choose the background. And I had put a sprite there to get rid of it (it's a location off-screen). I updated the title screen a little, and added some blades of grass. It now looks like this:


Now I can continue on this. I put in the Easter egg so I wouldn't forget. If you know Channel F programming and looked at the code, you'd probably know what I did. The code is available on the website though. I didn't know what font I used before, so I put tried to get a look-alike font for the title screen.


I imagined the problem was due to my trying to put sprites off screen to get rid of them, but I didn't know the specifics of what was happening. So now it looks like snow without a little patch of light green. Yay! Now I can work on level 2, which should be a lot longer than level 1 is since I now know I can make a Channel F game up to 62k. I doubt it will be that big, probably 32k at the most. If I can get some ideas for game play and actually continue. The Golf song being on the title screen will be changed of course, I just wanted to see if I could make a song play again. That will be the next step in programming: Changing the title screen song.


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