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A Channel F Thanksgiving?

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I was thinking about the phrase "you lose turkey" in Tic-Tac-Toe for the Channel F. I tie it to Thanksgiving, since it's Turkey Day. So if you're playing it on Thanksgiving and you lose to the computer, it takes away part of your turkey. And then I thought, what goes good with turkey? Cranberry sauce. Which is where Quest of the Cranberry comes in. I doubt I'll be able to complete QotC by Thanksgiving, so it will have to be a Thanksgiving tradition to play these two games if I ever finish programming Quest.


I just got my Channel F multicart I ordered a while ago today. This is super awesome. I guess I can stop with my quest for a complete videocart collection now. Well, except for any future homebrews that come out. I can think of at least one...


So anyway, I'd like to thank Sean Riddle and e5frog for making it. Oh, and happy Thanksgiving, even if it isn't it yet. I've been sometimes listening to Christmas music lately, trying to prepare. I know we have Halloween and Thanksgiving first, but the first Christmas ad usually comes on around this time. 'Tis the season...for carving jack-o-lanterns and eating candy.

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