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Between Cacti

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I was working on Frank the Fruit Fly again today. I wanted to make it so when Frank went between two cacti. The one in yesterday's picture. Since there's three, I needed to make a way for the game to know which duo of cacti Frank went between and which he hasn't. The answer involved making him go between the right set first and then the left set, thus unlocking the screen so he can continue. But that wasn't all. I had a heck of a time trying to make it so Frank couldn't fly into a cactus from above. I must have spent at least two hours struggling with this before I finally made it work. And this lovely problem reared its ugly head again:


When it does this, the music plays at an ultra high speed and the game freezes, making me need to reset the emulator. Oddly, I have not seen this problem on a real Pokémon Mini with my Ditto. I still wonder why this happens. And it doesn't do this every time, just sometimes, which is even more odd.


Anyway, I'm back to idealessness again.

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