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Too much stuff!

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So the time has come. I have made the poor computer work too hard with Chris the Cranberry. So what to do? Well, what I usually do when I'm overworking an Odyssey 2 with my program is add an extra call waitvsync to it. This makes the program run slower. So in turn, I have to speed everything up by one. So instead of subtracting one to the x position of the items going by, I now subtract 2. Yet it looks the same as if I was subtracting 1 because the computer is running slower.


I honestly thought I wasn't taxing the thing too much. But apparently I was. The numbers were flashing when I ran it on real hardware. The whole screen flashed on emulator when I bumped into a box (usually a pretty bad sign it's doing too much.) After 13 hours of sleeping, I forced myself up and my nose was all running and I was sneezing a lot. I thought I might have a cold, but I guess I don't because it stopped.


I don't think I have that much more to do with the game engine unless it needs some more items, just make it so it recognizes laps, then make it stop once three laps have been completed. And then I have to design the courses. And then add course choosing code. I added in the lap counter, so that's done. But I worked a lot on making my program lately. Perhaps a few days off is in order.

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