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Fun with Windows

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A while back, I lamented about some songs I had made, a few MIDIs that when I converted to MP3s, showed their incorrect playing time. Well, one of them showed the correct playing time, so I compared it to the rest of them. The bit rate on it was 112kbps. The rest were 124kbps. So I went to the site I used to convert the files from MIDI to MP3 and, under options, chose 114. When it completed it and I downloaded it, it showed the correct playing time. I don't know what kbps is, and why it mattered for showing the correct playing time, or why Windows would add 30 seconds to the time that wasn't there.


So now whenever I get done with one, I'm going to choose 114kbps as the time so its correct playing time shows up on Windows and Windows Media Player. It still is odd. For example, one of my MP3s says it's 27:03, but the same MIDI when converted the different way I discovered and played showed it was 26:22.

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