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Level 4 began

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So with the Blazers loss, I decided to write this blog entry. Not about how badly the Blazers suck, but about the work I did on Frank today. I had a hard time getting level 4 music in until I realized I had named the labels in the level 4 file level3 because I copied the level 3 file. Now it works okay. I don't know what to do about the ocean though. Right now the top of the ocean is a two-frame animation. I tried to do a two frame animation on a fish sprite but I just couldn't do it. So I asked for help. While I wait for it, I worked some more.


My idea is to have the fish move from right to left and target Frank, so Frank always needs to dodge the fish when they come in this particular first screen of level 4. It's sort of like the sand storm screen in level 3, only the fish follows Frank's y position as well so it's harder. Or I want it to be anyway. I don't know if it will because I haven't programmed it yet.


I don't know how good the wave animation looks. I did two separate frames.


I need some feedback on the waves as well. But seeing as how I never got any feedback on the Zyx game, I'd be surprised if someone downloaded and played the game and did. I posted the passwords on the website so people can skip straight to level 4. So anyway, that's what I've been doing. Didn't brave the crowds, slept in until about 2pm. I was so sleepy for some reason and had to force myself to get up. I got up at like 10am for a half-hour but decided to go back to sleep. Mom put the Christmas tree up. It's unusually very cold here, usually in the 30s for most of the day. So we don't want to go work on the outdoor lights.


But it's officially here. The season has begun. Thanksgiving is over. Woo.

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