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Spewing out air

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It begins with the letter p. But it's not what you think. It's pipes. Last time we left Frank, he was in the middle of the ocean. I had finally gotten the randomness working on Chris the Cranberry but it wasn't doing it random enough, so I quit and started to think about what I can do in Frank the Fruit Fly. So I was thinking and it came to me. I was thinking about water levels in Mario and Kirby games and I got to thinking about this level in Kirby's Dream Land 2 where there are pipes spewing out air and when Kirby gets in the current, he gets pointed towards sharp things. I decided to do that here. Note the whoosh sprites kinda look like the Atari Fuji symbol.


And even though it was the Kirby game, I implanted Mario pipes. (Well, as close as I could get with only 3 colors.) And since it would be weird to just have Frank move across the top without currents, I barred him from doing that and he starts at the same y position as the pipes' mouths.

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