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No hope any time.



I am wondering why the STOCK MARKET doesn't close. Everything else is. Way more than 250 people crowd in there every day, seems like a wonderful place for the stupid CORONAVIRUS to thrive in. Something RT said makes me think there will be civil unrest and martial law stemming from all this. People will get cabin fever, go crazy, and start rioting because there's nothing else better to do. But is it really worth it? I think if the world is going to end because of all this, then hey, why not go crazy before you die of COVID-19? People suck. It's about time we all die. It's been overdue.

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Don't worry. Our alien overlords will finally allow full disclosure, then they'll provide replicators and sex robots. That will stop most of the rioting. Once women understand that replicators can also make toilet paper, they'll stop rioting too.

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