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The trouble with having too many games

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So I went to the video game store. I called first to see if it was open. While I was there, I looked through the Game Gear games. I figured if I got Mortal Kombat 3, I might as well get 1 & 2. They didn't have two but they had 1. So I got it. I also got Aladdin since it didn't look familiar to me. Came home and as it turns out, I already had it. Oh well. This in turn led me to work on my Hamburgers En Route to Switzerland 2 game I forgot about.


Added the chocolate milkshakes that shoot onion rings at you. Added in a new sound. But sometimes it doesn't play. So I turned it in to a feature. "Most of the time the milkshakes will make a noise when firing onion rings. But sometimes it won't, so don't be caught off-guard!"


Here, Zybort the hamburger is about to be killed by an onion ring.


It's in the jungle. Now that I look at it, it's a really foggy jungle. But oh well. I like my new sound that replaced the "ping" of the old one. I figured I had more notes to play with, why not use more? I need to work on a new tune for this level. I'll work on that next. And then I'll add in the ending boss level.

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