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MidSpace update

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So I have been working hard on MidSpace lately, along with a couple of other 2600 projects. I've made some changes that I think improve the game. Mainly bug fixes and stuff. But I did make one change that is kind of important.


When you shot an enemy food, its missile went away. I thought that shouldn't happen, at least it wouldn't in real life (if some rocket was stuck in space with laser shooting foods attacking you). So I changed it. The missile does not disappear when you shoot an enemy. Instead, the missile either touches the center and disappears or hits your ship.


In order for me to do this, I had to make it so the missile could appear when the cereal bit was on the screen. Minor rewrite, but needed because the code didn't allow the missile to be shown if the cereal was on the screen. The cereal still doesn't shoot missiles, though, the missile would be on screen from a shot enemy.


Usually when I'd been working on this, I have between 0-4 bytes left. Sometimes it takes too much room and I have to free up stuff by rearranging and/or rewriting the code. Right now, I have 3 bytes left. In case you're wondering, I'm using assembly for MidSpace. I don't think it would be possible using bB. I'd have to use no_blank_lines, which gets rid of missile0, for one thing. And I couldn't have part of the rocket slide up and down, for another. It's been 12 years, I think I should gradually move to using assembly instead of bB (which I should have done 11 years ago.)


A thing that has been bothering me is: When should I call this finished? I guess I'll know when I come to the point where I don't find any bugs and all the stuff I want has been included. I may have to make some sacrifices though. I really want to fit this into 2k because there aren't that many 2k games being made right now. It's a frustrating-yet-fun challenge to keep this inside of 2k.

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