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The process of getting stupid

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Or perhaps it's just a case of using too much brain power. I finally solved the last 4 puzzles of Polarium on the DS. Without using a cheat sheet. I was so frustrated back then that I had to resort to one back when it was new. But now, only using hints, I solved the last 4 puzzles. I was trying to get some good ideas for my 1-Line game I was making for the Atari 2600. I got this one idea, and so I tested it and solved it, but now I can't solve it again. Nor can I the other 3 puzzles I made. But I know they're solvable because I did it before so they're staying in the game.


Methinks it's just my brain thinking too much that made me stupid. Let's hope it's just temporary. So for now, no coding because I'm resting my brain, that is, unless someone finds a way to help me with the problem I was having. I figured that I could get rid of 75% of my puzzle data to free up some more room, but I ran into a snag because the puzzle drawscreen code is meant for displaying full screens, not 1/4 of the total playfield, which is what I'm trying to do. Because I have no use for 3/4 of the total playfield area, I just wrote the words "1-Line" there. But since I had done that on every single puzzle, I thought I could save a lot of data by omitting that part and having the screen draw just 8 pfblocks, then skipping 24, then writing the next 8, then skipping the next 24, and so on, but I can't figure out how to make it do that. Here is bogax's code I used for Castle of Doom and am attempting to use in 1-Line:

 rem  dedicated multiply by 44 routine
  rem  multiplies level by 44 and adds PF_dat
  rem  leaving the result in temp1,temp2
  rem  It will fail if level is more than 63

  rem temp2.temp1 = level * 44 + PF_dat

 if ballx=4 then ballx=0

 rem ballx is the level number.


  lda #$00
  sta temp2
  lda ballx
  adc ballx
  rol temp2
  rol temp2
  sbc ballx
  bcs *+4
  dec temp2
  rol temp2
  rol temp2
  adc #<PF_dat1
  sta temp1
  lda temp2
  adc #>PF_dat1
  sta temp2

 ldy #43
 lda (temp1),y
 sta var0,y
 bpl load_loop
   return otherbank


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