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How fast is Bubsy??

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Busby the Bobcat


For so many years, Bubsy fans wondered: how fast is Bubsy the Bobcat?

Well, I've finally cracked the code! I've finally discovered how fast he is and I'm happy to show you all.


So here we go:


First, we have to know, how to calculate speed. Which is easy to calculate by dividing distance with time.

Speed and Velocity - Miss Wise's Physics Site


For this problem, we'll use Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, level 1. Why?

Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (Game) - Giant Bomb


1. I chose his first game, because in other Bubsy games, they slow Bubsy down since there are so many obstacles to avoid. Also there are a lot enemies, like for example in Bubsy in FFT or Bubsy 2. I mean, yea, there are also a lot enemies in this game, but you can easily avoid them in the first level. Also, Bubsy 2 and FFT are more like puzzle games. And for Bubsy 3D and his new games, it's hard to calculate the distance. Meanwhile here it's 16 bit 2D game and you can easily count them.


2. I chose level 1 because looks more simple level than any other levels in this game. In the other levels, there are obstacles that you have to avoid a lot on and that slows Bubsy down. In this, you can just run and avoid enemies easily.


Alright, now that we know which one to choose, there's another problem: How are we going to calculate the distance in this 16 bit game? I mean, we can't convert pixels to meter, because the results will become small.

Well, my friends, I know just exactly how to fix this issue.


First of let's find out how tall is Bubsy. According to this website, he's 4' 99" or 1,44 meters. (here's the link: https://platformapedia.fandom.com/wiki/Bubsy_Bobcat)

Which is interesting, because that means he's taller than Sonic himself!


But before you ask me about this, yes, this is unofficial height, but first off, this is the only source we can find and

second, the company never thought about that, so even asking them for height would be difficult. Besides in the comic, you can see that Bubsy is high as this hunter:




Anyway, now that we know, how tall he is, what do we do then?

Simple, you just rotate Bubsy to 180 degrees and put them on the path.


Also thanks to the guy called Kurai, I found the background for level 1 (https://www.spriters-resource.com/genesis_32x_scd/bubsyinclawsencountersofthefurredkind/sheet/80819/)


After I put them all in the right position, I get 229 characters. Which then we multiply 229 characters by Bubsy's height. And then we get 329,76 meters.



So far we know how far is this level. But what about time?

Again it's simple. I use it from Bubsy speedrun (which is 13:47.57) And that person took 23 seconds to finish the first level. 


And for the final calculation, we use the equation as I told you. And boom! We get 14,33 meters per second or 32.05 miles per hour.



What's really more interesting, is that he's faster than an average bobcat (25-30 miles per hour). (https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/bobcat/)


So Bubsy actually runs more than an average bobcat..



Also for his acceleration:

a=(14,33 m/s -0) :23

a= 0,6230 m/s or 1,393 mph


(credit to alliedforce35: https://twitter.com/alliedforce777)


So today, we learned three things:

1. His speed is 32,05 miles per hour,

2. His acceleration is 1,393 miles per hour and

3. He runs faster than an average bobcat.


Credit is all to me! Don't share it without crediting me.

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