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June 20, 2020

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Well, work was done on the Cranberry VB game. I didn't add very much, just a faster strawberry, a hole, and another item block. But even just those three things took at least an hour to do. I don't know how long each stage should be. I had troubles with the item block moving when it shouldn't. I had trouble with the hole and enemy not appearing. I don't know how I fixed it, but I did. Or at least I think I did. I also don't know how many stages there should be.


I also made the cherries collision detection border better. It is enforced more.


I keep having dreams about my computer dying. And in each of them I keep saying "OK, that's it. I'm getting a Mac." But my HP Pavillion is 4 years old now and still going strong. So should my next computer actually be a Mac, or should I just stick with Windows? I know some video game making software doesn't work on Macs. I've never owned one, but it should be fairly simple to learn how to use, right? Or should I be knocking on wood right now?


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