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A couple hours for this?

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Making this in 7800 BASIC should not take TWO HOURS.


I am going to add fancy title screen music. (Well, as fancy as you can get with TIA.) And then what, I don't know.

I started out with a fancy actual pineapple. But color #1 did not want to show up. And then I thought "OK, this is ugly. I'd be better off drawing a pineapple." So I did. Color #1 in the palette still wasn't showing up. So I did a work around. I made color 1 insignificant and used the other colors. And I was also having trouble with text. It turned out I had the text only in 2 colors instead of 3. So I fixed that.

All this working on a screen showing a pineapple made me hungry. I must eat lunch now.


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