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12 years for this?

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Twelve years ago, Nine Inch Nails released a double album called "Ghosts I-IV". Twelve years ago, I eagerly awaited the next installment. Years pass. I decided to make my own sequel. So today I made two new songs for my sequel. I go to the Nine Inch Nails website just because I wondered what Trent and Atticus were up to. To my surprise, they had finally decided to make two new Ghosts albums. I was all ready to pay and get them, but to my surprise, they were absolutely free. (After a huge downloading process.) So I downloaded the two albums. I am listening right now to Ghosts V. And it's not the one I was making.


Eschewing the past, NIN decided to give the songs actual titles, instead of "36 Ghosts IV", we now have titles like "Letting Go While Holding On." And gone was the apparent 6-minute length limit that was never stated but I somewhat suspected: Two of the songs are 13 minutes long! So anyway, why wasn't this made 11 or 10 years ago? Makes one wonder. Also, it's kind of too bad that there was no actual physical release of the albums. I guess gone are the days where you could go to the local department store and buy a new CD album.


So now I have some recorded songs that I guess I will put to use some other way. I thought of some nifty song titles. I tried really hard not to make silly non sequiturs (i.e. "Sally Buys an Eggplant One Two Fork Three"). This unexpected release is a game changer that happily changed my plans. Fans of the original Ghosts release won't be disappointed by this new effort.

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