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Wireless Controller Charger

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For a guy who hasn't even manufactured his PCBs yet, I have too many ideas.


Something like this will probably never come to fruition, but looking at my consoles, and my newly arrived INTV 2 I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be cool if I could replace the broken controllers with a MrBoehm BT/USB adapter that also included a wireless controller charger? Something that has a case that is 3D printed to fit into the INTV controller bays?


Of course, you'd still need a power supply for the charger, but you need a power supply for the Mr Boehm in order to support INTV 2 controllers. The two could use the same power source.


Just thinking about the possibilities, and something that's way too far down the road to even consider right now.


Yeah, that would be cool... I'll keep dreaming...



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