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Bert's head

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I think we all know Bert is hard to draw. Even at that, imagine drawing it with programing using Atari 2600 assembly. I wanted to put Bert's head on the title screen of my game. This is the first attempt:


Bert's pupils are yellow, which made him look weird. So I went for a hunt on how to make them black. Then I found a way to make them green. So I changed the background color to gray (Bert just had to have black hair.) While I was programming it, it magically changed size and this is how it looks now:


Looks a lot better than the first attempt. Looks ok on a real Atari 2600, but I wonder if I can use the keypad with the Harmony when it comes to scrolling through the games. I think what I'm going to have to do is plug in the joystick, select the game with it, then plug in the kid's controller when this screen is on. Bert's head in this picture looks like a carrot. But Bert's head looks like a carrot in real life. I don't know...

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It looks good. Perhaps his unibrow should be a little more straight and wider (more bushy). Also I think his mouth should be wider and perhaps not quite as upturned, if possible.

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