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I started to go online to schedule an appointment to get my ID card renewed. I get to the part where I actually begin to schedule an appointment, but I can't because there aren't any available openings in both of my local DMV locations! This is stupid. I think they need to open up a few more locations to better serve the area, but that will never happen because that would mean paying more government workers. And there's no money to pay them with NOW any way. BUT I NEED MY ID CARD because it expires in a few months!


In other news, I made a little video of me playing what I have so far of level 6 of Frank the Fruit Fly. I said before that I wanted to get it done by September 2021. So this means I have a year left. But I also want to make it a full 512 KB like all the other releases. Right now it's 222 KB. So I'm not even half way there yet, and I've been working on the game for over a year! So I guess the game will have 11 levels, with level 11 being the castle where the evil, big boss lives. And an ending. And an Easter Egg minigame accessible via a password.




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