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Jukebox Quiz

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I've tried a couple of names for my "Far Side"-esque web comics: "47 Meatballs" ran for a long time, then I switched it to "Igloos Ablaze." I think of funny things for my projects. you should see the list of weird song titles I've made over the years. Now I'm trying a new title. I'm trying to do them every day. Every couple of days I just sit there trying to think up of funny puns and other weird stuff. A long time ago, I was trying to think of a short phrase containing the letters j, k, q, x and z. Not a pangram, but just containing the power letters in Scrabble (so called because they're high-scoring ones.) I found that 'jukebox quiz' was a good one. I think they should have named "Name That Tune" "Jukebox Quiz". But they didn't. Oh well. So that title needed something to go with it. Enter my comics.


Today I made two comics (so far). They will run on October 26-27. Not really far in advance, but oh well. I'm acting like people actually read them. I found a new way to do comics with Photoshop. I draw them with an average mechanical pencil, then scan them in. Then (the new part), I choose "Image", then "Mode" then "index." then I set the number of colors I want to 2 (leaving white and a grayish color, which I then change to black.) Then I switch back to RGB mode and color them in. Then when that's done, I switch it back to Index mode and set the number of colors to "exact". It's a lot like a coloring book you can do on the computer.


I have been thinking perhaps I should make the panels a "strip" instead of a square. But since they're not appearing in any newspaper (and probably never will) the point is moot. I just wish I could draw better. I found out I can do a fairly good looking kangaroo, but when it comes to ocelots, I just drew a big cat and colored it orange. Not very ocelot-looking, but I would have tried better had the word 'ocelot' not be in the comic itself. And like I said, hardly anyone reads them anyway.


I also have been working on Zyx for the Jaguar last night. I finally went to bed at about 1 a.m. or so and woke up at 2 p.m. I was really sleepy. I had some weird dream I had just moved into a hotel room on the coast to live there permanently. And then I woke up. I often wake up saying "Oh, it was all just a dream," much like they do in TV and movies.

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