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The art of nosehair.

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I got bored, so I decided to work on a cartridge label for Nosehair!


How I originally drew it was having the beginning of the nosehair connect with the n. Then I thought it looked a lot like the word "hosehair" so I changed it. There is even a blank spot down at the lower left hand corner for a logo of some sort, for a company that decides to publish it. Or perhaps I am thinking too far ahead here...


It became clear that odd things are happening with AUDx0. So I switched to AUDx1 in a fit of rage and when that worked as it should, not only was I full of rage, but also confused. Why would AUDx0 NOT work and AUDx1 work? I put the nosehair demon in the game as well.


This design took a while. It ultimately became an 8 x 14 sprite. He is also moving his legs like he's running once you start the game. That's because he will be.

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