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Game Boy Flies

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So I went back to work on Flies! for Game Boy, which I thought I had finished, but I found a few bugs. Took me about five hours. I added some stuff, removed some stuff. I added a new background. The game now chooses a background randomly at the beginning of each wave. I noticed that the bees always moved in from the bottom whenever the bug bomb wears off. I changed that. I also found an interesting bug where if you pause and unpause the game when you begin wave 2, it does weird things. I think I fixed that.


I'm going to test this on a real Game Boy with my Game Boy Everdrive. I tried to download the program I use to make Game Gear games with, but it sent me to a PayPal donation page. Screw that. I'm not paying, especially since I didn't have to before. I am using C (so the GBDK) to make my GB games with. I would like a fourth background (since 4 is a nice round number in computer terms.) Here are the three I have so far:


But I am out of ideas. Would anyone like to help make an interesting tiled background for me? An 8x8 pixel tile that repeats over and over again. In Game Boy colors. Also I had >200 views of the last blog I did. I don't know why. I guess I am close to releasing this one as well, only 10 copies though. Nobody submitted any label art, so I have to do that myself (what a surprise.) I am so sleepy all the time. This makes it difficult to know when I should sleep and when I should get up. I slept almost all day yesterday. My head hurts from thinking too much (either that, and/or looking at a computer screen for so long). I get so wrapped up in what I'm doing, the time flies and before you know it, five hours have passed.

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