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Fixing bugs in Flies!

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Fixing more bugs in my Game Boy game I'm working on. Found a really weird one but I have been unable to replicate it. It didn't impede game play, so that's good. It was just the word "TIMER" showing up when the boss was around. And it only happened once. Made a fourth background.


It's swirls. You probably can't tell, but the swirls are made up of two different colors. And this is my highest score so far:


1,120. I think I got to wave 5 that time. I'm amazed I can put this complex of a game in using only 32 KB. For those counting along at home, it's the same size as Tetris. Also, it's the smallest Game Boy game size you can have. Not that I'm trying to remain at 32 KB. I would really like to write a game larger, but I just haven't had the need to yet. I've come a long way in 4 years. I looked back at my first attempts just starting out. I don't think I'm quite ready to move from C to Assembly yet. And I doubt I ever will because I can't seem to find a discord Game Boy homebrew community. Kind of odd, though, that I found the Pokemon Mini community quite easily.

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