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Bugs are not fun.

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I found a lovely bug pertaining to the passcode system of Quest of the Cranberry.


What's that number to the left of the five? You tell me. Normally, the player would only see this bug if he were just randomly inputting numbers for entering a passcode in the hopes one would find one that works. But apart from that, I did make the beginning of level 3 okay.


I am wondering whether to drag Craig lower while he's swimming (like in Super Mario Bros.) and the player would have to press fire (pressing down on the Channel F joystick) to make Craig move up, or whether that would be awkward. The one part I don't get if I would do this is what would happen if he got to the bottom. Nothing? Make him lose health? Add code to make him have to go up for air once in a while? Do cranberries have lungs?


This is hard.

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