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Passcode changing

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I mixed up the pass code (pass number?) a little bit. Quite literally. I jumbled some numbers around to make it harder for people to know which digits pertain to the health part of the pass code. And, with help from e5frog, I think I got rid of that bug I was talking about in yesterday's blog. But it does mean you might have to type all ten numbers before you know if it's valid or not. And I also had to move some code around to get the stuff I had working before but quit working back working again. I think this is the hardest I ever worked on this game the past few days.


You'll notice that the file size is now 16kb. I could make it any size I wanted it to. I chose 16 because it's divisible by 2. But I think I could fit it within 8kb if I tried hard enough. But I don't want to. I need to take a break. And with that bug gone, now is a good stopping point to pause and think about what to do next with it. I have a copy of a release candidate of Trimerous. It is 30kb. I definitely want it to be that big at least. So that means I have tons of work to do. After all, that's why I put a passcode system in the game to begin with. I am envisioning an epic game, like my Frank the Fruit Fly game I did for the Pokemon Mini. Also, the Channel F needs a game title beginning with Q, which is why I titled it as I did. That, and it fits nicely on the title screen.

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