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Count's Castle: The Beginning

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When I was making my Bert game, I thought of it as an exercise, a warm-up on how to code for the Kid's Controller. So, I've decided to try to make the 'lost' sixth CCW game, Count's Castle. This took two hours:


While good, it wasn't centered. Another 90 minutes of figuring stuff out, I finally had it centered. I also made it a little brighter.


Well, as centered as it could be. You'll notice extra black on the right side. I tried making the C's four pixels wide instead of three, but that oddly didn't work. So we'll have to go with this. If you look at the title screen for Big Bird's Egg Catch, it has the same problem. It's raining freezing rain today. No, it couldn't be snow. Heavens no. I'm surprised I got as far as I did with this without the power going out. I started on it at around 9:30 a.m. and it's now 12:45 p.m. So I need to eat lunch.


So what is the gameplay of Count's Castle, you may ask? We never knew what the official game was about since it was never finished. So I took some time to think. It stars Count Von Count of "Sesame Street" fame. His favorite activity is counting things. So why not make it a game about counting things? A random number of things (let's say bats) come on the screen and the player has to count the number of bats there are on the screen and press the corresponding number on the Kid's Controller. I wondered why have numbers if all the official uses were for moving the character (muppet) left or right or up or down. I mean, why bother putting numbers on it? Anyway, although this may seem like a lame idea for a game, let's keep in mind that its target audience is young children, preferably those learning how to count. And now, the machine counted. I have 3,254 bytes for a 4k game. Ah ha ha ha! *thunder sound*

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