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Lemon aid.

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I got help with how to correctly save your progress through the game. It now saves three things:

  1. level you are on
  2. number of lemons you've got so far
  3. your health %age.

Now I can continue on level making. This after I got rid of a bunch of excess code. This freed up an amazing 4 kb (!) of space to use for other stuff. The game is 32.07kB. It was 36.07kB. I put the lemon collecting as a side-quest. You don't HAVE to get all the lemons to beat the game, but I just thought it would be sorta fun to hide lemons in the game because of the title of the game. I will also add limes to also help you get back some health. Limes are like lemons, but they are green. But you probably already knew that.


Since I freed up some code, I noticed that the shooting is faster. So is the walking, but it didn't get as faster as the shooting did. I want to have at least 9 levels in the game. So far I have three: forest, mountain, and desert. Level 4 will be the ocean. The gameplay is similar to Frank the Fruit Fly.

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