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X vs. O (part 3)

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I've decided to make this less of a fighting game and more like an arcade-style game in which the object is to get the highest score possible. I wanted to make a fly swatting game for the Atari 2600. I wanted to make a game starring letters. I figured "Why not combine the two?" So that's what I did. Or rather, am going to do. Because it hasn't been done yet. More "fun" with the scanline count ensued when I tried to add to the score every 32nd frame. But I think I got it all under control. Tomorrow I will attempt to make the X move. Without breaking what I have so far.


I had to use an "align 256" though. Since the copyright year got all screwed up when I tried to show it. Another addition. I'm not sure about it since it doesn't say who has the copyright.


Oh well. At least it's recorded for posterity what year the game was made. I need to make the 2s match though. I think it shall be like this:

player 0 - x

player 1 - o

missile 0 - bee #1

missile 1 - bee #2

ball - ?


To kill an O, have X move up to it and press fire. But be sure not to touch the bees.



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