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What good is a game without a score? Well, I guess Super Mario Bros. 2 and Zelda don't have scores. Anyway, one of the things the tutorial I followed neglected to tell me was how to put a score in the game. So I was on my own. I knew how to put letters and numbers on the screen. So I took that and added three variables to my program: One for the ones digit in a score, one for a tens digit and one for a hundreds digit. And since basically all I'm doing is putting numbers on a screen, I let it do the work for me. And with a little extra code to tell the program to go back to the 0 character once it exceeds 9, I had a score in. I also went ahead and did a life counter the same way.




I bought an NES everdrive. The cheaper one. So I'll wait until it comes to work on the game further. No sense working on a game that doesn't work on a real NES, right? I also went ahead and bought a homebrew game as well. I bought Doodle World. So now I have to wait for them to come in the mail. I also made a little website where you can download what I have so far. You can find it here. And about the 24k limit: I don't think there is one. I looked at my previous game and it was just 2k when I started. I want to believe that it will just make the game will just up the size when it runs out of room. But it's been 24k for a couple of days now though, and I keep adding more and more stuff to it.

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