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Chris's Odyssey²



So I got home and while I was in the garage, I noticed my Odyssey 2 games sitting on the floor in a box and I thought to myself, "I should hook the thing up and see if it still works." It had been sitting in the hot pantry while the temperature outside got to a toasty 117 degrees. So that made me wonder even more. I plugged it in after fighting with the rat's nest of cords the power cord it became entangled in. I turned it on, and there was a little bit of static. You can hear a little bit of static while my Odyssey 2 is on. When before there wasn't any static at all. Oh well. The important thing is it still works. Which is good because this one has no stiff controllers. But then I got an idea. I had plugged it into an NES cord. So I unplugged the NES cord from the VCR and plugged in the Odyssey 2 cord directly into the VCR. That worked. No static at all.


Which brings me to this: I have decided I want to begin work on a new Odyssey 2 project. It had been a few months since I finished my last one (ZipZap). But there's a problem: I have no ideas for one. What would you like to see on the Odyssey 2? Give me some ideas.

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I don't know what the library currently contains. Has anyone ported games such as Columns, Bejeweled, Sokoban? Flipull (Taito) is a lesser known gem in the same puzzle category.


Since you're familiar with the Channel F as well, perhaps try to port Video Whizball to the O2? While the market is full of regular Pong clones, this particular game is something I can't recall seeing elsewhere, and though the O2 joystick doesn't support rotation, I'm sure it could be simulated in some way.


Surely Flappy Bird already is done, how about Canabalt and other kinds of single button games?


Previously you made a Qix inspired game for the Intellivision, is this a type of game that the O2 would benefit from too?

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