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Odyssey 2 programming is hard.

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I spent all night last night trying to do something. I had to wave the white flag and go to sleep at about 10 a.m. So now I'm back to being awake all night and sleeping all day. When I got up tonight it was about 7 p.m. I tried a new thing based on the old thing I was trying to do. Three hours went by, but finally I had it: A new Cedar Games intro. I always didn't like the buzzy sounds it made, so I was trying to replace them. This all started with a post about sound effects in the videopac.nl forum and someone had posted sample code. So I tried it. I changed it. Eventually I got new sounds in there, and I am happy with the way it turned out.


I got an email suggesting I work on an Odyssey 2 version of my Intellivision game Upmonsters. I remembered about three years ago, I had tried my hand at a version of Doodle Jump on the Odyssey 2. So I found the ROM and code and began working on it, adding more stuff. The title of the game was "The Pit," but I was alerted that there was a coin-op game with that title. So I changed it to Upmonster (there's only one.) I added support for one player to use either controller, changed the sound effects, and, most importantly, added my new intro to it. I have more than 200 bytes free to work with. And the other bank, the one with my new intro, it only uses about 500 bytes.


I tried falling asleep at 11 p.m., but I got hungry, so I went and fixed myself a hot dog and ate some Chester's puffcorn. That stuff is good. And then I wrote this blog entry.

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