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Cruizin' Reddit - Bubsy Plush sighted - September 2021



Hello Bubsy fans.  What a year am I right?  :D   Since April I've been house hunting, finding a new home, and packing 16 years of stuff.


Great time to throw out stuff like for me all the excess computer stuff (gave away boxes of that at a Atari computer show) and probably a lot of figures and comics that I really like.


Naturally one collection I still love over time is the Bubsy collection so got that boxed for the next house.   But I would imagine since many are moving around right now, that is how this beauty got unearthed.    Someone was unpacking storage, and found this guy....





This would make the 11th or 12th Bubsy plush that we know of from the Bubsy Plush Sightings page we have here on the Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog



Here are the comments that were said about this Bubsy plush...




Dusting off my Reddit password to post there.  :D   Talk soon Bubsy fans!   And keep it up, just keep it up!




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