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Chris plays NES - September 5, 2021

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Just got done playing the fixed version of HERTS for NES. I got my highest score on this game yet: 380. A perfect game is where you shoot everything and then you get 500. I am beginning though, to question the easiness of the game. The only stumbling block for me is getting past the first level where there's no nuggets (extra lives). Then it's mostly clear sailing through the rest of the game. Perhaps the quantity of chicken nuggets should be lowered. Right now it's a 4% chance that the enemy is a chicken nugget (256 possible values, one randomly chosen, if it's below 10 then it's a chicken nugget. 10/256=0.039 (or 3.9%). That is pretty low, but should I make it lower?


Also, while searching the internet, I found a great new place to download ROMs. (I know.) Among the NES roms was Super Mario World. So I downloaded it, seeing as how it was a pirate game in the first place (I was doing piracy of piracy?) It is hard as bricks. The collision detection is horrid, and I could not get past the first level because I deemed it impossible. But mostly everything from the SNES version is there. Yet I can beat SNES Super Mario World if someone asks me to.



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