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Letter Extravaganza

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I have a question on NES games released late in the NES's life span. 1993-4. Why are they so freaking EXPENSIVE? I went on eBay and the only one I could afford that I didn't have already was Mickey's Safari In Letterland. The only game in decent condition came with Wheel of Fortune. It's a buffet of letters. Anyway, I was trying to get some more, but I guess I can't because I don't want to pay >$30 for something that's not worth >$30. Most of them are $100 or more. WHY? They were not priced like that when they first came out. If they were now, I would go out and buy all the NES games.


I don't know why, but I've been on an NES kick lately. I decided to make the chicken nugget appear less in my Burgers game. It now has only a 1.9% chance of appearing, down from 3.9% I had it at earlier. I think this is a lot better and makes the game a lot more challenging than it once was. I was finishing the game with like 6 or 7 lives I didn't need. There was a little bit of oddness going on with level 3 and so I redesigned it. This is what it looks like now:


I think it looks a lot better than it was before. I think the fact that the burger had to fly through a cave to get to Switzerland is kind of odd, so that's what makes it funny. Of course, all the humor in the game comes from the fact that food can fly and be used as projectiles, and the fact that Hamburgers are trying to get to Switzerland in the first place. I mean why would a burger want to go there? Don't get me wrong, I bet Switzerland is a wonderful country. I like mountains. They're cold. And I bet it doesn't get very warm in Switzlerand in the summer. It's better than burning in a lake of fire where I am right now. If I had a choice between being too hot and being too cold, I'd be too cold. Always.

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