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NOW I'M GETTING SOMEWHERE! Last night, after a relatively early soccer game, put in some more time on the Four-Play tune - and finished the evening fairly satisfied with what I'd done, unlike last time.


Latest: FourPlaySong20060824.bin



Reworked the main drum beat slightly; I think I'm pretty satisfied with it now.

Added/refined some of the drum breaks; satisfied with all of them except for the last one.

Also adjusted the volume of the 2nd bass-line, pretty happy with that now.

Roughed out (in my head) how I'm going to end the song. I originally was going to repeat the last 4 bars and fade out but that would require either a) making somewhat notable modifications to the music driver (ugh) or b) using a ton of ROM for copies of the last four bars, each at a different volume. But (Rebecca and) I came up with something better. :)


Still to do:

-finish the drum breaks

-tweak some of the slide-y runs

-write new beat to go with the 2nd bassline

-add some crescendos/decrescendos to the melody

-figure out exactly how I'm going to end the song and then write that

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