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sandinista.jpgI swear, this is the only album I've been listening to at work recently while cleaning toliets and other crap. I love the 2nd disc(it's a 2 disc series) because I feel it has the best songs of the whole album. I don't know, but listening to this album makes me feel like I'm 19 again. It just does. I never really liked it when I bought it a few years ago. However, when I listen to everything else in my collection of Clash stuff, it pales in comparision to the Sandinista album. In this album, you can clearly see the direction that the Clash were going in. In fact, I believe a lot of the stuff by the Mescaleros(Joe's band before he died) and Big Audio Dynamite would be not possible without Sandinista. It clearly inspired the (sad)breakup of the band over musical differences. This album just has the right mix of dub reggae/funk/punk styles. I find myself dancing to the beats while working and hoping that none of my co-workers see me. Even if they did, I don't care. I love listening to punk rock or reggae while I work. It passes the time and makes the job more tolerable. With all the shit I have to put up with from people, I take the privilege of being able to play music very seriously. That being said, Sandinista is one of the greatest fucking albums I've ever heard. I need to get the disc repaired though as it's scratched beyond belief. Anyway, about the "feeling 19 again" part, I just feel 4 years younger. Maybe it's the effects of the weight loss. I also get noticed more at work by women. That can't be a bad thing either. I felt my face today and I couldn't believe that I can feel the bones and not that hideous double chin that I once had. Nice! I might end up with a date sometime soon. I hope!And if all this positive crap is making you sick, then you can write about it in your own blog! :D
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