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Time for another update and a new adventure ;). I managed to run MyAES today and I can say that the aesthetics of this software is on a very high level. It makes for an interesting and beautiful working environment for every falcon, Aranym or any Atari capable of 8it colour depth. As you might know, I am running easymint so to run MyAES requires a lot of tweaking. Personally, I like dual boot (triple if you count single TOS) systems so I didn't change anything in the MiNT.cnf file but launched it from gem. After login I run execgem and from there I double clicked on MyAES.tos. It worked fine but this is not the best way to play with MyAES. The desktop was crawling. So here's what I plan to do:

1. Create two mint.cnf files, one to be used for XaAES and another for MyAES.

2. Write a small auto folder program that will allow me to select from the two or use a boot manager if I fail.

3. Optimize MyAES settings for maximum speed and comfort.

4. Report back with more information.

One question I have to answer though: Why bother having two AES's? There are two possible answers. One is because I can. The other is of a more practical nature and that's to address issues of incompatibility between both AES's and various programs.

Another thing I can do, is put AES 4.1 there too. Now Atari's multitasking AES is buggy, slow and old so that would be really fun to try :D .

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