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Tivo & Tempest

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Although I keep trying to limit the number of projects I'm working on at one time, I keep adding new ones.My latest is TiVo. I realized that my wife has several shows that she enjoys watching which often get taped & watched later due to RL scheduling conflicts. Hmm... we keep using the same tape over & over for time-shifting. Sounds like TiVo would be a good fit and an excellent birthday present. (October)Except for one snag. TiVo doesn't offer listings outside of the US & UK. (And they don't even sell players in the UK anymore.) Well, some Canucks have created work-arounds for those of us north of the border. So I spent some time this weekend re-installing Win98 and setting up some of the software on an underpowered machine which would be perfect for the job.The next challenge is configuring the box so it will accept the PPP connection from the TiVo (shopping on eBay for one) and accept connections for the IP address hardwired into the TiVo.I also had fun with powertools and cut a old shelf which will be mounted where the marquee would go in my Tempest cabinet. Next I need to make an angled cut for the bottom and cut holes for the speakers which will be mounted in the board.Next step in 32K SpaceWar! 7800 is to modify the graphics data layout and display list building code for 4K Holey DMA, then the background logic.

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