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Blaster manual notes.

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The folowing are just some notes I had wriiten which will hopefully become the manual for the Blaster prototype game that was released last year. If anybody has some info or ideas they'ed like to share, please feel free to add your comments:

  Notes:  Review: Blaster- Game seems to be written specifically for the 5200 controller- Offers numerous screens - does not get repetitious.- 4 screens  a. Robot Grid  b. Time Tunnel  c. Outer Space  d. Planetoids    - a. Robot Grid:  3 objects:  	1. Robots  	2. Arches  	3. Walls  	  	- b. Time Tunnel:  Swirling background  Men  You move the forward coming men to the center of the screen to catch them for points. 1000 and 1200 points.- c. Outer Space:  Made up of:  	1. Tie-fighter like ships  	2. Satellite looking ships  	3. air-plane looking ships  	  	- d. Planetoids:  Made up of:  	1. Meteors = 100 points  	2. Men = 1000 points plus extra 200 points for every additional man caught  	3. Space Ships = 500 points  	4. 'E's = replenishes your energy, Gives you 5000 points and advances you into light-speed to the beginning of the next sub-level, Robot Grid.Options:	'*' key: Changes starting level.	  8 sets of 4 options	  example:  	level 8-1  	level 8-2  	level 8-3  	level 8-4.  	  		'#' key: Sets number of players, 1 or 2.			More Blaster Notes:- Review made easy due to level selection- This is a review/manual- Game has simple graphics but has great 3-D/first person perspective for system.- Game slows down when graphics/objects increase on screen.- Wave 30 is 'astral paradise'. Note: only on arcade game.- When game is paused for a while the screen is blacked out.- In upper levels of 'Outer Space' Robots appear.- In upper levels of 'Planetoids' multiple UFO's come out.Bad Guys from arcade game:	android	cat fighter	death rider	destroyer	enduro	master mind	planetoids	red saucer	runaway ship	saucer	space cowboy	space robot	star cruiser	vampire	x-29 fighter	Your ship is a valiant spaceship or a Blaster shipPlaying Tips:a. During 'Planetoids' try staying to the farthest point of any direction and pick off the meteors from the outside. Then when you hear the second warning sound for the Energizer, move into the center of the screen. Unless your down to almost no energy, don't worry about getting hit while getting the Energizer since once you get it, you will get fully recharged.b. In upper levels of Outer Space, try to destroy the 'Tie-Fighters' first since their lasers move faster than the other ships.c. There is a special surprise on level 5 of 'Planetoids' but the strategies for this level remain the same as the other levels of 'Planetoids'.

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