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First Home Shooter





I think that Submarine would count as the First Home Shooter, ever !


Player A plays the Convoy Commander. She is leader of of a convoy of cargo ships. She must navigate them safely through a twisty-turning path on the screen which represents the shipping-lanes. Player B plays the Submarine Commander and gets to shoot at the convoy! The Submarine Commander has more fun, obviously. When the Sub Com hits the Reset button he "serves" a torpedo that can be controlled with his ENGLISH knob. When the torpedo hits the convoy blip, it disappears. This sad event represents one ship (out of an unlimited number) sinking to a watery grave. A ship also sinks if the convoy veers out of the shipping lanes. (It supposedly hits a mine.) Each player gets to play the Sub Commander three times. The winner is the Submarine Commander who sinks the most ships either by torpedoes or mines.


Submarine is OK . Not fantastic, or terrific, but "OK" in a "it's better than a kick in the shin" sort of way. You get to pretend to destroy something (finally!) and you get to taunt the Convoy Commander with bad Submarine Commander accents ("Ach, miene Ünter-der-zee-boot vill sinkt you!").


We enjoyed this for about 20 minutes but we weren't willing to take all three of our turns and ended it after two. Because of the violent nature of this one (yay!) I think ve vill haff to play it again! We might have missed half an episode of Ultraman for the sheer novelty of pretending to blow things up using little squares on the TV, so I'll give Odyssey another half point for this visceral thrill. (No, Ultraman doesn't get a half-point. No, it isn't fair.)


The Score: Ultraman: 3, Odyssey: 2.0


Cat and Mouse happens later this weekend.



Recommended Comments

Me too. ^^


I wonder if these games, in which the players are expected to abide by the rules since the console can't enforce them, players would get into a (verbal) fight if one of them simply disregarded them in order to win or score more points. I mean, if the Convoy Commander veered out of the path and quickly corrected it, he could just deny it ever occurred.


- Did not!

- Did too!


I can certainly see this happening between kids and even teenagers, which could frustrate the player playing by the rules and lead him to do the same, eventually making both of them lose interest in the game. Maybe I'm just thinking too much.

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Yes! The social factor of rule enforcement is neat to think about. Compare it to "if the game lets me exploit this glitch, then I'm not cheating." concept. Now we expect the game to be the policeman and if it misses something, oh well. not our problem. :D

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