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And so it begins...

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Many of you have known me for some time. Some of you even know me on a personal level having been a part of or attending my events here in Tulsa known as the Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition or OVGE for short. As such you may also know that I play lots of video games...lots...and lots of video games. I've been playing video games since I was about 4 and figured out how to hook up an old Odyssey 300 that my mother got somehow to our 19inch color magnavox TV back in the late 70s. Since then I was lucky to have lived the 2600 years later followed by the NES years (thanks to my step brother who had an NES and brought it over on the weekend when they would come to visit their father, my step-dad), to finally, the 7800 years. However, this is where my home console gaming came to an abrupt end. Only about 6 months after I received my 7800 as a B-day present in '88 it quickly began to collect dust with only the occasional game of 2600 Ms. Pac-Man or Midnight Magic being played by my mother. It didn't sit dormant due to lack luster sales or game releases...it sat stale because I had finally gotten my own IBM clone. And this is when video games changed for me just as they had when I first discovered them on the Odyssey 300 back in the day. I remained a devout PC gamer and only a PC gamer until the late 90s when emulation and my rekindled love for the classics began to burn anew. Since then I've reclaimed that dusty 7800 and put it back in service in the living room. It too now shares space with many consoles of the era and newer.


To cut it short, I'm now more of a console gamer again, than a gamer on my PC. Sure I still play the newest coolest PC games whey they are made and are something I might enjoy. But for the most part, my money is spent on the consoles from which, my addiction was originally born.


There are many game genres that I enjoy and think others would like or should try out. So I decided to start this little blog to contain detailed reviews of games new and old that have particularly impressed me, or impressed me upon hype and later turned me down. I hope you enjoy reading some of these reviews and look forward to hearing any comments you may have to add or PMs you feel like sending if you'd rather not have your opinion publically known. Some of these reviews are actually several years old and were created originally for the now defunct but still alive emulation website known as Jose Q's Emuviews. Some of us still haunt the place now and then in the chat area...but only to say a quick word and tag with the date and time.



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