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STING: Atari to PC

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Here is a new version of a null modem TCP/IP connection between the atari and a PC this time

with the use of the STING stack. I don't see a reason why it wouldn't work with an ST or Mega

STE but as usual some things are beyond us.I only have a falcon to test.

Setting up the Atari:

First it is imperative to install and install properly the HSModem serial port drivers. To do

that we place DRVIN.PRG in the auto folder late in the running order but before the drivers

and the stack. After that we install the serial drivers. Depending on our machine this should


SCC.PRG for ST, Falcon or MegaSTE modem 2

MFP.PRG for ST, Mega STE modem 1 [1]

* I use SCC for my falcon but without an ST to test I am not really sure about this. I read

the manual but I couldn't really understand it TBH. It's trial and error.

Next we go to setting up the stack. STING 1.26 has been used.

We place sting.prg and sting.inf in the auto folder, after the serial port drivers. We also

create a c:/STING folder where we put the sting modules and all accompanying software. The

modules need to be placed in the sting folder and not a subfolder. We also need to add the

cpx serial.cpx, stingprot.cpx, stingport.cpx and sting.cpx in our cpx folder to be loaded

by the control panel.

Serial port settings:

Modem 2, 38400, RTS/CTS, 8bit none parity, 1 stop bit.

Sting port settings

General, PPP, van jacobson compression

Addressing: MTU 576, ip address appropriate

Sting internals


Sting Protocols

Resolver: routers ip





We set up windows to accept incoming connections as described in my previous entry.


Important: The sting prt file needs to be placed in the auto folder next to sting (but I wasn't sure so I've placed it all over :D).


That's about it. You reboot and you are connected with internet. I've also changed my route.tab and default.cfg

according to this.


The connection is more stable than the pppd connection with mintnet and I don't know why. I just accept it.


On a related note, my falcon's floppy broken down while I was trying to take some screenshots...

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