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added some stuff today

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got to thinking that as a programmer, I really like Syntax Coloring and found a Free DLL for that purpose with a lot of cool built in functions to boot.


it features:


1. all the editing tools a text editor would ever need.

2. Synatx Coloring

3. Keyword list that can be set by the programmer (I will add keywords found in Basic to make it compat with Batari Basic)


those are the main three I am interested in anyway, Also decided since Batari Basics IDE is no longer supported I would add support for it.


so now the Editor will handle Batari basic as well as 7800 ASM file creation, sounds like a lot but it really is not all that much since all I have to do is tie it all together from a single IDE.


and Yes I know again this is not really needed but what the hell I do not have anything better to do and it is my day off from work so I might as well have some fun.



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