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Low Res Magazine.

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What happens when two Germans and a Greek meet in Dusseldorf (where the Germans pick up the Greek to get him to Outline in the Netherlands)? Well the idea of a new web 2.0 magazine is born. The Low Res Magazine, hosted on wordpress and visited over 1000 times since its publication 3 days ago.


It was a warm sunny day, the last one of a summer that had caused so much pain but somehow managed to fill our hearts with hope. In that spirit the team had joined IRC. We had the articles, we had the interviews and we had the desire to release them. So it was done, sequenced and announced. (Yeah I could become a great writer of cheap romantic novells, flare for the melodramatic checked)


So what was issue 1 all about? 12 well written and informative articles, posted using the blog format. This has it's drawbacks though, people may get confused and it doesn't remind them a magazine that much. Still it's a new format, unlike other electronic publications that are just a pdf, a paper magazine on your screen, this format has a dynamic potential that we haven't tapped into.. yet.


Well, I am loosing consistency, but to everyone that pointed out our mistakes and our "haste", be reassured, issue 2 will be great!

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